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Events and gifts

The master corridor service

The carving of an Iberian ham by one of our Master Cortadors trained in our school is a spectacular event, incredibly convivial and most definitely indulgent.
No fuss, just the product itself, for a moment that will long remain in your guests’ memories.
Far from formal conventions and receptions, the carving of a Bellota-Bellota ham will add a touch of authentic conviviality and indulgence to your private or professional events.
Our Master Cortador service can be complemented by simple, indulgent (sliced cured meats, cheese boards, stunning wines...) gourmet snacks, all under the double banner of conviviality and Sensory Experience: The ESSENTIALS!

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Private rental of our facilities

From 10 to 50 people, we offer you the option of privately renting our own sales and tasting counters in the 6th, 7th, 8th arrondissement of Paris of Paris, but also in Boulogne and in les Halles in Lyon.

Once again, conviviality and Sensory Experience will play the leading roles in your event.
What an honour it will be for your guests to leave with a few petals of Bellota-Bellota ham that they have carved themselves with our Master Cortadors?! 
Moments to cherish, an evening in your style for a successful event!

More information about the Bellota-Bellota facilities for private rental

Business gift,
or just simply a gift! !

As it is our daily job to provide Gustatory Emotion, we know how satisfying the « pleasure of pleasing others » can be.
What a delight to see the spark in someone’s eyes when you see them overcome with joy and submerged in emotion when tasting our marvelous selection.

Expert box, picnic basket, « the best barbecue in the world », « Bellota-Bellota moments », « the Craving Box », a whole range of gifts to be created for sharing Gustatory Emotion with those around you.

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