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Iberian gastronomy

Bellota-Bellota ne s’arrête pas à la seule sélection des meilleurs jambons ibériques. A force de parcourir l’Espagne, des produits d’exception sont, petit à petit, venus enrichir la gamme :

Iberian cured meats

“Dans le cochon, tout est bon” (Everything but the oink!), as describes the song by Juliette. Lomo and lomito joined the ham, of course, but with an added twist of leaving out the paprika during their production, to preserve all their finesse and incredible subtlety.
Not to forget the authentic Iberian chorizo and the addictive Catalan mini fayet!


Anchovies and tuna from the Gulf of Cantabrie: Many think they don’t like anchovies until they discover the Bellota-Bellota range!

As for the white tuna belly (ventresca), it is simply known as 
the foie gras of the sea.

The Galician octopus, can also be mentioned here, cooked in its own juice, with its incredibly fondant texture (wonderful!) and subtle aromas it has also brought out numerous octopus-lovers, who didn’t know they had it in them until first bite!


The Torta de Cañarejal; a one of a kind cheese in the world, made with thistle pistils used as vegetable rennet, to be eaten by spoon with a pearl of Espelette Pepper Jelly. A true addiction provoker for all cheese lovers.


mpossible not to also mention the range of stunning, full-bodied and silky Iberian wines… to be enjoyed in moderation, of course!