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Le concept retail

Bellota-Bellota, c’est aussi un concept retail unique, combinant dans un même lieu une dégustation sur place et une vente à emporter.

A unique and innovative concept

Traceability passport, volcano plates, Stradivarius, foie gras marbled with lomo, white lomito without paprika, tarama with yuzu or black truffle. So many innovations, giving the brand its UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE character.

A versatile concept

Whether it’s a flagship store in a town centre, a counter in a
department store or shopping mall or a kiosk in 
an airport, Bellota-Bellota adapts to its environment. 
From tasting counters to take away sales, 
the concept is completely versatile.

An efficient concept

• A take away sales section.
• An in-store tasting section.
• A “sandwich” section.

Its versatility results in economic efficiency. One leads to the other and vice versa. As everything is modular, and it has been many years since it has been in operation daily, it is easy to optimise it to its surroundings.

A newsworthy concept

From its very opening in 2002, the Bellota-Bellota Eiffel Tower has hosted both the Palmes du Leaders Club as well as the Le Fooding Grand Prix..
Ever since its media success has continued in both France and abroad. Its constant innovation, its aesthetic,
convivial and of course indulgent values provide it with 
“spontaneous” media coverage.

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