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Le fondateur

Philippe Poulachon

After finishing his studies at l’EM Lyon, Philippe Poulachon discovered the universe of wine and gastronomy through Georges Duboeuf. He then became the managing director of Caviar House France and discovered the magic of two exceptional products : Wild Iranian caviar and smoked salmon.
In 1995, he founded Byzance
, and became the 1st importer of Iberian ham in France. Over time, through expertise gained directly on-site, he discovered, learned and was able to understand the magic (and difficulties !) of Iberian ham. He decided to treat it for what is was (certainly for the best ones !) : A unique product, a heritage of world gastronomy. Breaking rules, travelling tirelessly through Spain to discover all the mysteries, he became a specialist to the point where he decided to dedicate whole special universe to it creating Bellota-Bellota..
He launched the brand from the world of professionals and invented a new sales and tasting concept, dedicated to exceptional ham :
The Azulejos brand was born…

From Lyon to Hong-Kong, Paris to Tokyo he has never stopped demonstrating the magic of this ham even dedicating an eponymous book (Bellota-Bellota, an Iberian passion) published in 2015 by the prestigious publisher La Martinière. What next ? His dreams do not remain a mystery, they are called London, Geneva, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, Bangkok...

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